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In my opinion – Experiencing Africa at the British Museum!

My name is Marlyn Legolie and our family has been part of the African Diaspora Kids Community Project since its launch in May 2015. My husband Evan is the photographer responsible for all the beautiful pictures you see on the website and we have two children Zoe (8years old) and David (4years old) who are…
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In my opinion – When Africa Week came to Norfolk!

This blog post has been written by a year 4 pupil Jack Carthew who goes to school in Norfolk, UK. Find out why he had the BEST week ever… A group called Mighty Zulu Nation came in to see my whole school and we got to do Zulu dancing, chants and drumming and used the Djembe…
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In my opinion – From Pasta to Pigfoot

I loved reading this debut novel book by Frances Mensah Williams. Why? Here are just 3 of many reasons... 1) I could identify with the characters and the story reflected at least 5 stages of my own life experience. 2) I experienced a multitude of human emotions from peace, frustration, joy, anger to sadness, hope,…
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In my opinion – Our day at the African Diaspora Kids launch

When Grace first shared her motivation for the African Diaspora Kids community project by telling me, “We believe that every African Diaspora Kid has the potential to make a positive contribution to Africa and the African Diaspora”, I was so inspired and said, “My family and I have to be involved in this.” My 7-year…
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Press Release

New Community Project – African Diaspora Kids’ Official Launch Walthamstow Library, London, Saturday 23rd May 2015, 1pm New community project, African Diaspora Kids (, in partnership with Waltham Forest Cultural Programme team is inviting local families to join them for the official launch of African Diaspora Kids and a celebration of Africa on 23rd May…
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Celebrate Africa!
Past, Present, Potential

African Diaspora Kids  is a new community project that connects kids to the beautiful continent of Africa. Based in London, UK, we believe that every African Diaspora Kid has the potential to make a positive contribution to Africa and the Diaspora. Our mission is to work with families and children, aged 5-11, with educators, supporters…
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