Meet the Leader – Mebrak Ghebreweldi

Mebrak Ghebreweldi, Director of Diversity Resource

Mebrak is the director of two enterprises and the social entrepreneur in residence at the University of Brighton (2016-2017) She is a well-regarded public speaker, facilitator, business start-up mentor and coach. Through her entrepreneurial work, she has established a strong professional reputation in offering effective support, guidance and inspiration to international migrants. Mebrak has been recognised by the public and private sector for her strong leadership attributes and she is a member of several public sector boards of policy advisors.

Read on to discover why she is a leader…

Country of birth


African countries you have visited

Eritrea, Ethiopia, Kenya, Egypt, Sudan, Zambia, Tunisia

Languages spoken

Tigrinya, Amharic, English, some Arabic

African dialects spoken or understood

Tigrinya, Amharic, some Arabic

Your family background

I am the sixth child of nine siblings from a farming family in Eritrea

Tell us something about your leadership roles (employed or voluntary)

I guess I am a silent leader. I was a young volunteer for many years in Eritrea offering communications support. I have been a leader of two small organisations in the UK since 1999. Vandu is a business providing, mainly, languages services around the UK. Diversity Resource International is a social enterprise that offers support, information and training for communities and the diaspora, including those from Africa

What recent achievements (in the last 3 years) are you proud of and why. Give examples of the positive impact you have made in the diaspora and/or on the continent

The GELA (A Generation of Effective Leaders for Africa) programme is a dream come true. I am dismayed as to why the African Diaspora is not at the forefront of leadership and management development based on African cultures. GELA focuses on the importance of referring to our ancestor’s wisdom in leadership rather than coming to the west to acquire it. I feel the GELA is and will make a positive impact in Africa and within the African diaspora. It has a long way to go but our positive journey started in 2014.

A few words of advice to young leaders (age 5-11)

Play and have fun, and learn to read and write well. Education is very important! Be happy you are part of the African diaspora!

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