Meet the Leader – Joyce Sarpong

Joyce Sarpong, Director of AfricaOracle

Joyce is Director of AfricaOracle, a media company whose mission is to enhance the image of Africa, how? By offering a fresh perspective about Africa and contributing to changing its perception. Her main purpose is to address the reality / perception gap that exists about Africa by providing narrative and news on Africa and its Diaspora. AfricaOracle is an online platform where people can find valuable information about Africa and its Diaspora.

Read on to discover why she is a leader…

Country of birth:


African countries you have visited:

Ghana, Zambia, Kenya

Languages spoken:


Your family background:

My parents came to the UK in the late 60’s from Ghana.  I am the eldest of my parent’s children. I went back to Ghana in 1972 with my mother and sister, returned to the UK in 1977 and attended boarding school in Devon followed by senior school in Sussex when my father was posted to Zambia for his work.

Tell us something about your leadership roles (employed or voluntary):

I am an active leader in the Diaspora and back in my homeland Ghana, my family, the Sarpongs have set up a charity (where some of our family members live) that supports over 100 children (a number of whom have gone onto university education). I volunteer my time to support the foundation.

I am also involved with Trinity United Reformed Church in Wimbledon, in the Junior Church and I was until recently, the Lettings Team Leader, responsible for managing the hiring of facilities to the community (the lettings had an annual turnover of £95,000).

I am also a trained Colourstrings Music teacher and I ran music classes for pre-school children and taught in nurseries for a number of years.

I have been involved with consultations at The Africa Centre - which is currently rebranding and re-structuring and I hope to be involved in a leadership capacity as an association member and trustee.

What recent achievements (in the last 3 years) are you proud of and why. Give examples of the positive impact you have made in the diaspora and/or on the continent:

I am the founder and director of AfricaOracle, a media organisation that provides marketing and digital media services to curate and publish narratives to promote Africa and its Diaspora.  AfricaOracle provides entrepreneurs with an online presence, promoting their products and services in its digital magazine (through social media marketing) and in the newsletter.  It also facilitates entrepreneurs to be role models, mentor and inspire the Diaspora youth. Additionally, AfricaOracle provides work experience / internships to undergraduates.

Currently, AfricaOracle is working on a Diaspora engagement event with the embassies , South Africa, Zambia and Ghana. It is hoped that this event will open doors of UK-based African Diaspora and connect them with Africa.

A few words of advice to young leaders (age 5-11):
  1. The life of a leader is a journey mixed with challenges, rewards and successes. However, happiness comes from achieving our true potential by when we fulfil our life’s purpose.
  2. Be focused on your dreams.
  3. Have a positive mental attitude; know your purpose and focus, follow your passion / dreams, adopt a life habit of learning and surround yourself with people who love and respect you.

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