Meet the Leader – Ayo Akande

AyoAyodeji Akande, africa diaspora kids Akande, Founding team of Connect4Better (Cee4Bee)

Ayo has 16 years post graduate work experience across the private, public and third sector mostly delivering mid-sized operational projects, developing and running Programme/Portfolio offices (PMO) to ensure successful project delivery, managing back office service delivery teams and recently responsible for corporate performance. Successful track record of managing multi million pound contracts and projects working directly to senior executives.

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Country of birth:


African countries you have visited:

Nigeria, Ghana

Languages spoken:

English, Yoruba

Your family background:

I am the first born of a family of five with Nigerian parents. I lived and worked in Nigeria, all my life until I relocated to the UK in 2009.

Tell us something about your leadership roles (employed or voluntary):

I have been blessed to have had leadership responsibilities all my life. In University for example, I was the vice president of a student Christian fellowship and also leadership team of the departmental student union. I was also the head of operations and management for a church charity in London for two years and currently still one of the leaders. I have had leadership roles in my paid jobs too. For example, in Nigeria, at one of the top banks in Africa, I was overseeing 8 staff and other administrative staff overseeing multi million OPEX budget at a point in time. 

I am currently part of the leadership team of a non-profit organisation (Cee4Bee's) as the Strategic Lead working with over 10 volunteers to give back to our community.

What recent achievements (in the last 3 years) are you proud of and why. Give examples of the positive impact you have made in the diaspora and/or on the continent:

Starting Connect4Better (Cee4Bee) with the team is a huge achievement. Giving back to our community by organizing free developmental events which inspire black African adults by great speakers and connecting with each other, with the hope of harnessing opportunities in our togetherness. We have had well over 200 people pass through our event doors in just 10 months and many more impacted via other channels. Below are some testimonials received:

“I was introduced to someone senior in my industry that helped to coach me in preparation for my job assessment.”

“I met with someone and I will be joining her company soon in order to gain practical work experience."

“I received help from another attendee with a new concept that helped me secure a job contract extension.”

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A few words of advice to young leaders (age 5-11):
  1. Always be good, and don’t get tired of doing it even if some children misbehave
  2. If you have the opportunity to study and study, develop a learning attitude and try to learn from the world around you.
  3. Always think, how can I help?

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  1. Ayo is a fantastic leader. He is devoted and committed to help other people. I have been blessed to know him and being part of the work he facilitates at CEE4BEE.