The Story of African Diaspora Kids

African Diaspora Kids is a new community project that connects children to the beautiful continent of Africa.

Based in London, UK, we believe that every African Diaspora Kid has the potential to make a positive contribution to Africa and the Diaspora.

Our mission is to work with families and children, aged 5-11, with educators, supporters and partners to develop the next generation of African Diaspora leaders by 2040.

In 25 years’ time these children will have created a better life for themselves and their families. They will be active citizens, innovators and philanthropists who occupy significant positions of leadership throughout British society and across the world.

This new community project emerged in May 2014 out of a conversation with 30 pan African Diaspora leaders bought together by Comic Relief, Unbound Philanthropy, the Royal Society for the Encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce (RSA) and Common Purpose.

These leaders, who passionate about the development and future of Africa, asked the question, “how can our skills, talents and experience benefit the continent of Africa? Unsurprisingly they discussed education, youth, culture and leadership.

During these conversations the seeds of an idea came to Grace Owen, founder and director of African Diaspora Kids.

Grace has been working with children and young people as a volunteer since 2006.

She imagined what it would be like to form an online community who would collectively nurture the social, cultural and leadership potential of 5-11 year old children from the African diaspora.

Her research showed a lack of London and UK based online communities for primary school aged children and families of African descent.

So, African Diaspora Kids was born!

Our operating model is based on:

  • Growing an online community via our website africandiasporakids.com
  • Curating regular blogs and a free annual report
  • Promoting family activities each season throughout the year
  • Offering resources that can be downloaded for free
  • Developing a leadership development programme for year 6 pupils

Our theme for the launch year was Celebrate Africa! Past, Present, Potential,
Why? Read this blog post.

The African Diaspora Kids Team